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Zacks, RichardAn Underground Education173191997go...
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The unauthorized and outrageous supplement to everything you thought you knew about art, sex, business, crime, science, medicine and other fields of human knowledge.
Did you know:
  • That the 1949 Nobel Prize for Medicine went to a man who performed lobotomies...with a household ice pick?
  • That Pocahontas was a spokesperson for the tobacco industry?
  • That Pope Leo XIII appaeared in an advertisement for cocaine-laced wine in the 1880s?
  • That the first pediatric guide written in the United States recommended that expectant mothers breastfeed puppies?
  • That Thomas Edison secretly helped develop the electric chair in a scheme to have the lethal machine named after his archrival, George Westinghouse?
  • That Cleopatra was ugly as sin?
ISBN 0-385-48376-7 / 409 Seiten. Erschienen bei Doubleday 1997

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