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Name: Reinhard Schrutzki, aka Goblin
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Curriculum Vitae (excerpt):

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Born in October 1956, 4:10pm in Hamburg at Heidberg hospital under the sign of the Small Group of Insignificant Stars.

In 1957 the first Sputnik orbited Earth. This scared the US quite a bit and they founded the Advanced Research Projects Agency in an attempt to respond to another challenge of the Cold War.

1958: The laser is invented as well as the first integrated circuit. The stereo LP hits the market.

During the 60s: primary school and a first attempt towards the A-levels. Unfortunately the way to the Jürgen- Fuhlendorf- Schule in Bad Bramstedt was some 30 kilometres long. From age eight onward two years of flute lessons took me closer to the world of music and possibly are the reason that my first own LP in 1968 was Jethro Tull´s ´This Was´ (with Deep Purple´s ´The Book of Talysien´ being a close second, don´t ask :-). Later on some years of piano lessons until somehow, somewhen girls and soccer became more important.

Commercial production of lasers starts.

Between 1962 and 1967 the ARPA thought about how a selfsecuring communication network should look like. First prototype of a digital tape recorder with 30kHz sampling frequency.

And on September 1st, 1969 the first four universities were connected to a fast packet switching network. Also that year: Man´s first steps on the moon and the first RFC. That´s how conspiracy theories start :-) Physicist Klass Compaan proposes a disk with digitized audio.

During the early 70s: Change to Grammar School Harksheide in the newly founded city of Norderstedt (A merger of the villages of Friedrichsgabe, Harksheide, Glashütte and Garstedt. Now a growing but sleeping satellite at the northern perimeter of Hamburg.)

In 1971 the growing network already reached it´s theoretical limit of 16 nodes with 23 (sic!) hosts connected to 15 nodes. The Telnet and FTP protocols also were implemented in the course of the year. Would they be cars, they would be oldtimers by now. So much for rocket science of the 21st century :-) Intel produces the first microprocessors and at BBC London the first digital audio effect is used for productions, a delay.

NASA launches the interplanetary probe Pioneer 10 to research the outer planets. Also aboard: A plate with a welcome message for alien civilizations.

Another change to the Realschule Harksheide (a secondary school), due to special performance. O-level in 1973. From a casual discussion circle among friends the hobby-astronomist´s club "Titan", abbr. AAC Titan, emerged, that later was transformed to something more serious.

Also in 1973 the ARPANET sailed to foreign shores. Namely Great Britain and Norway. And finally, the Transmission Control Protocol, TCP, saw the light of, well, computer screens. Broadcasters and producers start using digital tape recorders for master recordings.

The same year saw another attempt to gain A-levels at the Technical Grammar School Norderstedt. In 1974, TCP was split into TCP/IP and the ARPANET had grown to a stunning 62 hosts.

Reini 1975 Abendblatt During this time founding member and member of the board of the People´s Observatory Norderstedt and then the draft right after New Year in 1976. After 15 months with a Jägerbataillon (a special kind of riflemen, back then we were the only members of the German army wearing green berets, nowadays you can´t avoid them :-) in Lübeck and a half year´s break I started an apprenticeship in electromechanics in the fall of 1977 at the Federal German Postal Authorities. During this time the name "Goblin" appeared for a first time as the name of the band I was playing in. And no, we were not those that did the soundtrack for "Zombie", that was an Italian group of the same name :-) Today I seem to be the only one who still remembers the group, we´re all so established now :-) 1975 also was the year that saw the first full blown email client, complete with attachments. This could be a good opportunity to report the date of the first virus sent by mail as well, just in case it can be determined still :-) In 1977 a first compact digital audio disc is shown.

1978/79 First professional contact with microcontrollers and microcomputers. The USENET is introduced and rapidly becomes an important means of communication. The compact disc is patented by Sony/Philips and makes digital music and audio accessible for everyone, but availability still is some years ahead.

1980 Journeyman´s certificate and the first own computer, a Sinclair ZX81 with 16kB RAM. TCP/IP becomes standard for military data transmission, but not yet for the ARPANET.

Reini 1981 driving license In 1981 I put the ZX 81 on stage at a club in the town of Wedel that went by the name "Grüner Born" (green well) and let it run a small animation. Due to a certain lack of MIDI the display wasn´t synced to the music, but it was a long and windy road to X<>Pose anyway. At least I managed to add CV- and Trigger-In to my Moog Prodigy synthesizer¹ myself, after all my kind of professional knowledge had got to be useful for something. With the IBM PC a generic name becomes a trademark and personal computers begin to replace the home computers.

1982: The band disbanded in the wake of the Neue Deutsche Welle (new German wave, don´t ask :-) and I switched to the Commodore 64. DM 1398.-. The floppy disk drive and the MPS 801 each added the same amount to the bill and spending such a pile of money means intense involvement with the gear and even the frequently bothersome business of making decentralized safety copies can only help understanding. I digged deep into the secrets of it´s SID synthesiser chip and even wrote a simple step sequencer (all in Assembler) for it. Who knows what else might have become of all this, had I only had enough money for a MIDI keyboard. The first Chaos Communication Congress, which I ignored completely. During this time also phrases like "decentralized safetey copy" and "most dimwitted user assumable" were coined, the latter one probably is best known to German users in the acronymed form "DAU".

1983: First authoring with "Textomat Plus", writing articles for then highly fashionable magazines like the "64er". The royalties paid -amongst other things- for a first Epson CX 21 D acoustic coupler (DM 1498.-) with postal license and a stunning 300 bauds (yes, it were real bauds back then, not these bps or cps cheats of modern times where not even Megs are Megs anymore). ARPANET fully switches to TCP/IP and later that year splits into the military MILNET and the universitary ARPA internet (finally, the magic word :-) Germany also joins the internet now with UNIDO at the university of Dortmund. The USENET now consists of 600 hosts.

1984: Publishing and editing the first online magazine for the MCS bulletin board system Hamburg. During the second half of the year a second C64 morphed into the first bulletin board system in Hamburg that asked it´s users for monetary participation in the operational costs and went fully public in early 1985. At this time the name CLINCH emerged (Acronymed from: Communication Link - Information Network Computer Hamburg), which today is just another hostname² on the internet. Well, at least the information offered is free of charges again, feel free to peruse it at your own risk...

I´m selling my entire vinyl collection in favour of buying audio cd´s. The player had been supplied by my father who was a member of the supervisory board (employee´s seat) of Philips then.

The ARPA internet consists of more than 1000 hosts now and a better administration of names and addresses is due. Within two years the Domain Name Service DNS is established. The first computer virus disables an entire facitility, but doesn´t make it to the wild. Orwell missed the proper date, serious attempts of total control do take their time and need the proper political climate.

1985: First contact with the notorious Chaos Computer Club. Vic said during our first encounter: "We must network". Which we did, obviously :-) And because everybody needs some compensation, I concurrently took lessons to become an officer for technical services of the Bundespost. Talk about contrast.

NNTP, the Network News Transfer Protocol is established and in Germany first Maus and Zerberus bulletin boards emerge.

1986: My first IBM-PC (A Tandon clone with postal license, DM 7200.-) with a giant 20MB harddrive replaced the C64, a Datex-P (the German packet switching network) port and finally a first craven real networking by exchanging messages with the Fido network. More involvement with the CCC and then foundation of the registered club CCC e.V. with me being one of the members of the board.

Challenger explosion and the Chernobyl desaster are serious strikes against the prevailing belief in technology. This doesn´t become better by the introduction of the NSFNET, with (then) fat 56kbit/s transfer rates the first real internet backbone. The USENET now features more than 240 news froups.

1987 until mid of 1988: My "15 minutes of fame" in the course of the NASA hack, with quite a load of more or less impressive appearances in the media. Admittedly I rather was a freeloader with respect to that hack than actively involved, but I did put some energy of my own into hacking at other opportunities. Besides that also a little help for some friends with founding and finding a name for the FoeBuD e.V.. One of the media events was the Radio Bremen talk show "3 nach 9" with long term pianist Gottfried, who was talking quite excitingly about some boys in Hamburg, who interconnected music and computers. This event also saw the probably first live chat on German TV with the extended functions of my CLINCH-mailbox system.

1988: Resigning from the board and leaving the CCC e.V. in the course of internal arguments about directions. A good move, as the KGB-hack and it´s aftermath prove. But the ties with the CCC (without the e.V.) still remain, it possibly is impossible to quit a given mindset. Switch to a IBM AT (16MHz, 1MB RAM) and porting of the user interface of the GeoNet bulletin board system to MUMPS (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System. Some kind of multitasking multiuser Basic which can even execute comments.) within three weeks and with the tremendous number of three concurrent ports. That programming language now is simply called "M", instead of "C", which I just manage to master fairly incompletely. "M"enschlich (human) instead of "C"omputer? A first contact with the world of commercial UNIX and jobwise move to another authority and promotion to "Technischer Postobersekretär" (technical postal secretary first class, if that´s translatable at all :-) The CD-R and CD-burners are introduced.

1989 - 1993: After the bust of the CLINCH-Shop, several attempts with self employment to follow the spirit and even earn a living with it, for a good part even abroad. Further work as a freelance programmer until the exploited market niche disappeared and in case of monetary emergencies as a roustabout as well.

During this time there also is a lot of movement on the internet. Beginning in 1989, CERN is tentatively testing what later should become the WWW. Archie (1990) is followed by WAIS and Gopher in 1991, the first applications that allow information retrieval without intimate knowledge of server structures. The WWW also is available officially now, but finds little regard. This changes in 1992 when the Mosaic browser is released as a freeware tool with a simple point and click user interface that starts an avalanche.

1993: The first internet radio goes online and major commercial service providers like America Online and Delphi jump on a train that goes ever faster, but at first restricted to just exchanging emails and news.

1994: Building up a computer-aided shipping department for Steinberg Vertrieb GmbH, on a sideline first work on websites and more intense occupation with Linux servers and networks, closely related to the known issues of computer- and network-security. Seen from the Sputnik perspective, the internet now is at least 25 years old.

1995: Compuserve, America Online, Prodigy and other service providers now offer full internet access for their customers and in the long run morph into regular ISPs. At the end of that year more than eight million hosts form the internet. My first own website is online now, for a start simply as "˜goblin" on the company server.

Steinberg  News Icon 1996 1996: Developing the German web presence for Steinberg and first involvement in e-commerce issues. This work came out so well that the international web presence adopted the German one, optically as well as contentwise. Technically speaking, the focus of internet development now is on higher bandwidths, to allow multimedia applications and other demanding content as well as satisfying the growing demand. Thanks to a leased line to the company network I now can operate my own server clinch.mms.de.

1998: Since April 1st, 1998 technical supervisor and webmaster for Steinberg Vertrieb GmbH, which merged with what is now Steinberg Media Technologies AG. On another line of interest, counseling and participation in the development of several computer games, the better known of them being "Discworld Noir" and "Starship Titanic". Bye, Doug, cya :-)

More than 36 million computers are connected to the internet now. Instead of big technical steps, the issue now is the farther, faster, higher, not real milestones. Everybody hopes to get rich quick with the internet and e-commerce. Redesign and relaunch of the private website with the familiar design and range of contents.

May 2000: Jobwise, change to online consultant for the mother company with focuses on e-commerce and network security, as usal.

2001: My company moves to another location and the leased line is abandonded, forcing me to obtain my first own domains. 90 million hosts have internet access now and first dark clouds appear on the horizon. Well, of course it may well be quite discomforting ´beyond the limits´...

2002: Reactivation of some past interests and half active membership in ICANN at large, the organisation for internet users, whose issues should be taken into account much more. And I finally started work on my fantasy novel after thirty years of procrastination.

The internet also is doing well these days. More than 160 million hosts are connected. Growing continues despite the bad economic situation and the technology crisis. Every month another 2.5 million computers join in. In theory, about 3 exabyte of information are available for everyone now. Of course, most of it either redundant or recursive.

In July, a vacation in Kenya that has some impact. Marriage on Friday, September 13th in Kilifi, Kenya. Pinnacle Systems Inc aquires my employer, Steinberg Media Technologies AG. Let´s see what will come from that...

2003: Pioneer 10 ceases transmissions in about eleven lighthours distance from home. He will continue his safari and reach Aldebaran in about two million years. My employer makes another round of restructuring to get rid of another third of his employees. I guess, that is what they call "synergy effects", so it is time to look for other pastures again.

2004: Soundwaves are not neccessarily restricted to music and audio. So, after transposing down a few octaves, I find myself as the product and support manager for a small company that builds innovative sensors for ocean bottomn surveys. In times of dwindling ressources and the neccessity to find new ones, surely a position with perspectives.

My personal conclusion for the past decades:

Where the pigs don't fly - I turn..

1) That was my best buy so far, back in the good old days of the Amptown bunker Alte Wöhr: ´I want a straight cable with mono jacks.´ The clerk walked into the warehouse quite bored. ´And a Schaller volume pedal.´ The clerk went back again, slightly better off, that already was a bit more turnover. ´And a Moog Prodigy...´ Two eyebrows skyrocketed: ´Well, I guess, that cable is a freebie, then...´ But this anecdote only get´s it´s special drive, once you know, who this clerk actually was :-)

2) clinch.mms.de's not pingin'! 'E's passed on! This host is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is manufacturer! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of power, 'e rests in pieces! If you hadn't stacked 'im with the server 'e'd be pushing up the cables! 'Is computing processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the rack! 'E's kicked the trash bin, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal core, run down the screensaver and joined the broadcastin' node invisibile!! He's fuckin' sniffed the final packet!..... THIS IS AN EX-HOST!!

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